About Me

Cansel Sörgens
Your guide for your journey to your goals

I offer

  • OKR Coaching
  • OKR Training
  • OKR Implementation
  • Systemic Business Coaching


  • Start-ups & Scale-ups
  • Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneuers
  • NGOs / NPOs
  • Individuals for personal growth

My Vision & Mission

I believe goal achieving doesn’t need to feel like a war to fight but like an adventurous journey where people get excited to go to unknown territories and on the way they discover new things about the surroundings and themselves. My mission is to guide individuals, teams and organisations on the journey to their goals.

  • 12 years in e-business/e-commerce
  • 10 years with agile practices
  • 4 years as OKR Coach

My experience comes from working in e-business and e-commerce companies for over 12 years. Thanks to different roles I took over, such as Product M., Project M., Portfolio M., Agile Transformation Manager, Organisational Development M., I’ve learned different aspects of the business and today have a broad understanding of challenges the teams, middle-managers, executive managers face everyday.

For over 10 years I’m an Agile Enthusiast. Since 2016 I practice „Objectives and Key Results (OKR)“ and coach teams and organisations. I’m passionate about OKRs because it covers the most important aspects of Business Agility such as alignment around a shared vision and goals, development and execution the right strategy, focusing on things that matter and collaborate around measurable outcomes and validated learning.

Other than that I’m enthusiastic about Agile Product Development, Scrum, Kanban, Agile practices, Workshop Facilitation, Liberating Structures, Management 3.0., Working Out Loud, Flight Levels, Systemic Coaching, Team Development, Remote Working.

My Comb-Shaped Skills

When someone asks me what helps me especially when coaching, my answer is „Comb Shaped Skills“. Today I profit from this wide variety of cross-discipline knowledge when applying my in-depth knowledge depending on the context. As OKR Coach I don’t only help teams to write good goals, but also give them impulses and examples depending on their context, with a systemic and solution oriented approach.


  • Partner as Freelancer

    • OKR Trainer
    • OKR Coach
    • OKR Consultant
  • Partner as Freelancer

    • Guest Trainer at the OKRs At The Center Academy


  • OKR Coaching & OKR Implementation combined with Scrum

  • OKR Implementation & OKR Coaching for Strategic Initiatives and Teams such as Leadership, Online Marketing, HR, Business Development, Product Development, Sustainable Development, etc.

    (Online) Workshop Facilitation: Ideation, Vision & Strategy Definition, Customer Journey, Remote Working, etc.

  • Agile Transformation – Transition from temporary Project Teams to long-term cross-functional Product Teams 

    Organisational Development: Peer Recruiting, Peer Onboarding, Peer Feedback, Business Value Poker, Community of Practice, “I need/offer”-Platform, etc. 

  • Organisational Development: Improve collaboration between Project Management, Product Development and Business Units, and close the communication gap between parent company and former SAAS agency.

  • OKR Implementation for Teams in Central Technology for/with Scrum/Kanban Teams 

  • Portfolio Management for Central Technology Product Teams

  • Internationalisation and Product Launch in South Korea & MENA

  • Development of a new technology platform incl. launch of 3rd party products with Affiliate Partners

  • Multi-Project Management for Business Development (TR, IT, ES, LATAM, RU)

  • Product Management


OKR Master
Systemic Business Coach
Management 3.0 Foundations
Organisational Change Management
In-house Scrum & Kanban Trainings

Other skills

Liberating Structures
Remote Workshop Facilitation
Customer Journey Mapping
Portfolio Management
Working Out Loud

Current interests

Flight Levels
Wardley Maps
Lean Startup
Testing Business Ideas


  • German (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • Turkish (native)
  • Spanish (intermediate)


  • Master in European Studies (Hannover University)
  • Bachelor in Spanish Philology (Istanbul University)