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Workshop: Why and How to combine OKR with Scrum – 06.12.2021

OKR Lean Coffee Online (monthly)

I’m co-founder of the monthly OKR Lean Coffee Online:

With this 1-hour-event we offer a platform for OKR practitioners to share knowledge and discuss about challenges. It takes place every 4th Tuesday of the month, online via Zoom. You can register for free via Eventbrite.

Training: Online Türkçe OKR Eğitimi

Online Türkce OKR Eğitimi ile ilgileniyorsanız linkteki forma bilgilerinizi bırakabilirsiniz.

I offer free events such as monthly OKR Lean Coffee, bi-annual OKR Open Space, and many workshops to share my knowledge and create a sharing OKR practitioner community.

If you like what I do and appreciate my efforts, you can donate a little something to support me.


Women in Agile Europe 2021 – 19.11.2021

OKR Open Space Event (bi-annual) – 02.11.2021

OKR Open Space

We (Cansel Sörgens and Natalija Hellesoe) organise bi-annual OKR Open Space Event for OKR practitioners to discuss, share & learn about OKRs.

Lean Agile Exchange 2021 – 21-22.10.2021

Fix my OKR! – 22.09.2021

Cancelled: Agile Bodensee Konferenz – 29-30.09.2021

Workshop: Why and How to combine OKR with Scrum – 06.09.2021

Agile Kanban Istanbul – 08.07.2021

Telekom Agilista Barcamp – 10.06.2021

I shared some of my insights about lead & lag measures and what role they plan when it comes to OKR and KPIs.

OKR Forum Turkey – 20.05.2021

I shared some of my insights about most made mistakes in OKR implementations with the Turkish OKR Community. See:

OKR Open Space Event – 04.05.2021

On May the Fourth, my fellow OKR Coach Natalija Hellesoe and me organised an Open Space Event for OKR practitioners to discuss, share & learn about OKRs. We had >40 participants and 8 Sessions. It was a blast and we will definitely repeat it.

Agile Beyond IT 2021 – 28.04.2021

Agile Beyond IT addresses topics around Agility outside the IT-Sphere. More info

Lernbar @ Berlin – 24.03.2021

In this online meetup I offered an interactive workshops for the participants to learn and experience OKRs first hand. I invited them all to write their personal goals in form of OKRs. It was a blast.

Online Flow Conf Istanbul – 11.12.2020

I was invited to Flow Conf Istanbul 2020 to talk about OKRs and how to combine it with Scrum. On YouTube you can find the keynote.

OKRs At The Center – 01.12.2020

I was invited to the OKRs at the Center Meetup to talk about the reflection events (OKR Review and OKR Retrospektives) of the OKR Process.