Goal achieving doesn’t need to feel like a war to fight but rather like an adventurous journey. 

My experience is not based on theory or trainings only, but on being employed myself for long enough to understand the challenges people, teams, middle-managers and executives face in companies everyday. Also as self-employed freelancer myself I know what it takes to achieve personal and professional goals.

Start-Ups & Grown-Ups
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You don’t know how to execute your strategy and focus with your team on business goals? You want to scale your start-up to a grown-up and don’t know how to align the teams?

With OKRs I’ll help you to make your strategy executable in manageable steps and to align company wide, while the teams and departments still work autonomously to reduce overhead and increase creativity. I can also show you how to combine OKRs with Scrum & Kanban.

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You want to reach and inspire people with your ideas and vision for a better society and future? But don’t know how to approach to accomplish your long term vision?

I’ll help you to visualise your purpose, vision and mission the way everyone understands it. I’ll help you identify the outcomes with biggest impact for you to focus on. Also with measurable outcomes you’ll be able to measure your influence and social impact along the way.

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneuers
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You’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur and have difficulties to take the first steps to move forward? You want to find out if there is a market need for your product / service?

I can help you to shape and visualise your Business Model, Product Portfolio and Customer Journey. With OKRs I’ll help you to adapt validated learning and find ways to get customer feedback before spending too much time with developing the product. You’ll be able to execute your vision in manageable steps with measurable outcomes.

Individuals with Personal Goals
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You have a personal or professional goal such as “writing a book”, “become a coach”, “learn to how to be more mindful”, etc., but don’t know where to start and how to structure?

I’ll help you with making your rather intangible and abstract vision to break down into manageable steps and measurable goals. I’ll challenge you to focus on things that really matter to you and give you tips & tricks how to defeat procrastination.

OKR Training
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You want to know what OKRs are all about and need someone to explain it to you how you can profit from them? You need an individualised training that is specially designed for your needs?

Get in touch with me!

OKR Implementation
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You need some practical advice how to implement OKRs in your company? You don’t like the “one-size-fits-all” solutions out there and need an implementation that matches your needs?

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OKR Coaching
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You need someone with expertise to guide you during the first couple of OKR cycles to avoid common mistakes at the beginning? Maybe you need an OKR expert to consult to improve your OKR process?

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OKR Facilitation
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You want to make the OKR Workshops to become more effective, where everyone feels heard and involved? You need support with online / remote / virtual workshop facilitation?

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Let me guide you on your journey to your goal.