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OKR Training – for Turkish speaking people living in Turkey

How to differ between OKR & Business as Usual?

What’s the difference between OKR and KPI and when to use which?

In-House OKR Workshops & Trainings

(on demand)

OKR Agent Eğitimi – Türkçe

OKR sitemini uzun vadede yürütebilecek, OKR ile çalışan ekiplere OKR uzmanlık bilgisi ile yardimci olabilecek, OKR sisteminin gelişiminden sorumlu bir ekip oluşturmak icin size özel kurum ici kapalı OKR Agent eğitimi icin iletişime gecebilirsiniz.

OKR & Scrum

Having great OKR and ideas is not enough. You need a solid framework to deliver those ideas.

Wenn applied well, OKR & Scrum can complement each other perfectly. Want to find out why and how? Book an in-house workshop on demand.


For OKR to work well, you need to sort out your “Business as Usual” (BAU). Otherwise it becomes difficult to make time for OKR.

In this workshop I help teams to understand the difference between OKR and BAU and create transparency for both types of work.


OKR is not just another word for KPI. Avoid one of the most made mistakes and let me help you to understand the difference between OKR and KPI and when to use which.

OKR Architecture

Don’t copy your org chart! And don’t cascade OKR. To create strategic alignment and cross-divisional collaboration create dynamic OKR networks.

In this workshop I help organisations to find their own OKR architecture.

Customer Journey Mapping for OKR

Deciding what to focus on doesn’t need to be difficult. A well visualised and monitored customer (people) journey helps teams to make customer (human) problems tangible.

I help teams to map their customer journey and then plan their OKR.

OKR & Design Thinking

Having great OKRs is not enough! Use Design Thinking to find ideas to execute OKRs.

By using Design Thinking process I help teams to identify customer needs and test and validate ideas that deliver value.

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