About me

  • Since 2008 e-Business | e-Commerce | Digital Product Management
  • Since 2011 Agile Transformation & Organisational Development
  • Since 2016 OKR Coach & Trainer
  • Master in European Studies

For 13+ years I’ve been working in Digital Product Management with/for e-commerce / e-business companies in different roles in Product, Project, Portfolio Management and Agile Organisational Development. Since 2016 I’ve been practicing Objectives and Key Results (OKR). As Business Coach & OKR Coach/Trainer I help organisations to develop their strategy and to connect their strategy with day-to-day work in all organisational levels to operationalise the vision. I’m passionate about OKRs because I believe it is the gateway to Business Agility, as it starts the conversation about value-driven alignment, focusing on measurable outcomes for more customer centricity, and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

How can I help you?

OKR Consultancy

You want to understand if OKR is the right framework for you and how it can help?

You need practical advice how and where to start with OKRs or individualised implementation that matches your organisation?

You’ve already started with OKR and now realise it’s more than just writing goals?

I can help with:

  • OKR Foundation
  • OKR Architecture & Pilot Definition
  • Audits for current OKR systems

OKR Coaching

You need an OKR expert to guide you to avoid common mistakes?

You need someone to facilitate and moderate workshops in all organisational levels, from Executive Board to Team Levels?

You need an expert who knows how to connect OKR into your day-to-day work?

I can help with:

  • Vision & Strategy Development
  • OKR Definition Workshops
  • OKR Check-Ins during cycle 
  • OKR Inspect & Adapt
  • Team Coaching to integrate OKR into day-to-day work (Scrum, Kanban, BAU, KPIs, etc.)

OKR Training

You want to grow in-house know-how to institutionalise OKR?

You want to bring your OKR knowledge to the next level? You need sparring during the overwhelming OKR Workshops?

You want to an easy introduction into OKR for your employees?

I can help with:

  • Certified OKR Master (by die.agilen)
  • Certified OKR Master Advanced (by die.agilen)
  • OKR Agent Supervision
  • OKR 101 Sessions

For Whom

Startups, Entrepreneurs, Innovation Teams

Only 20% of startups make it. The 3 main reasons are: no market need, run out of cash, lack of alignment. The biggest challenge of a startup is to find the “product market fit” as fast as possible. This requires a clear understanding of the needs of your target group and your value proposition. Secondly, it requires testing and validating ideas as quickly as possible, with least possible investment. Thirdly, the small company-size and the positive vibes in the “office” should not let you mislead to thinking that people are aligned. Alignment doesn’t happen automatically. It requires an inspiring vision, a clear strategy and focus, to channel all the efforts into the same direction.

Through OKR I can help you to start the conversation to shape and visualise your Business Model, Product Portfolio and Customer Journey. With OKRs I’ll support you to adapt validated learning and find ways to get customer feedback faster. I’ll guide you to realise your vision in manageable steps with measurable outcomes.

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

Most SMEs suffer from the pain of growing too fast before establishing the foundation. The technical depth has grown like a monster kept secret behind a closed door. Before you implement one framework after another, let’s find ways that enable you to work smarter not harder.

With OKR I can help you to figure out how to create alignment in such a scaled environment, create focus and make sure everyone channels their efforts towards shared goals. With principles such as “Stop starting, start finishing” and through outcome focused thinking you can drive business results with least effort. This way you optimise the flow and time to market. Sometimes it is better to slow down a little to get even faster later again.

NGOs & NPOs & Social Business

I strongly believe that the business world needs to change from purely profit driven to social impact driven. I’m fascinated by all the social organisations finding this difficult balance between being a successful business and creating a social impact that can change the world.

I’d love to help your Social Business to execute your vision to break down into manageable steps and measurable goals. I’ll challenge you to focus on things that really matter and make great things happen.

I’ll support you to visualise your purpose, vision and mission that inspires. I’ll support you to focus o great outcomes with least effort. Also with measurable outcomes you’ll start measuring your influence and social impact along the way.

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References & Testimonials

“Cansel Sörgens is one of the powerful consultants in the area of OKR. She is interpreting OKR from the real and deep meaning of the approach, not in a fashionable manner. That’s the reason why, we have developed a great collaboration with her during our first 2 OKR cycles in Vestel, while we have gained lots of new approaches, new ways of thinking and learnt how to look most of the well-known concepts from different perspectives. If you are willing the learn and apply OKR in its real soul, I can honestly say that Cansel is the right person.”

— Esra Akgün, Business Excellence, Training and Technical Manager @ Vestel Customer Services

“We worked with Cansel Sörgens to define our organisation’s annual strategy and OKR processes. Thanks to Cansel’s deep experience in Agile transformation and OKR, our work with both C level and middle management has been very productive. I definitely recommend you to work for agile transformation and OKR processes.”

— Arda Taylan, Agile Coach | Professional Coach @ Roche Diagnostics Turkey

“I participated in the OKR Master training led by Cansel. Apart from the training content, which was very helpful for me when starting my work as OKR Master at our company, I benefited very much from Cansel’s personal experience with OKRs. I think she has extensive knowledge and experience with OKRs, as well as change management and organizational development and I can highly recommend Cansel to any company who is seeking external support when introducing OKR.”

— Lena Poesl, HR & Academy at RUBICON IT GmbH

My Partner Network

I’m part of the die.agilen network as OKR Trainer & Consultant

  • Certified OKR Master
  • Certified OKR Master Advanced
  • Certified Agile Leadership
  • OKR Coach & Consultant for companies during OKR Implementations

I collaborate with Natalija Hellesoe from OKRs at the Center as

  • Guest Trainer at the OKRs At The Center Academy
  • Co-Host at the OKRs At The Center Meetup

Together with 3 other fellow OKR Experts I founded:

  • OKR Lean Coffee (with Felix Handler & Sandra Pretzer)
  • OKR Open Space (with Natalija Hellesoe)

What I value and promote

  • Business Agility through focus and evolving strategy
  • Customer Centricity through shift from Output to Outcome
  • Aligned Autonomy through shared vision and goals
  • Motivation through empowerment & collaboration
  • Innovation through psychological safety

Where I raise red flags

  • Unlimited OKR
  • Output OKR
  • Top Down cascaded “Must Do” OKR
  • OKR Silos
  • OKR for everything and everyone
  • Individual OKR
  • Linking OKR to compensation or performance

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