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How does the OKR Process work?

You heard about OKRs and know how to write an Objective and 3-5 Key Results per Objective. But based on which information will you choose your Objectives and what happens after writing measurable Key Results? Even if you reach them 100% how do you know what was it good for? Let me start the story from the beginning. The OKR Process is just one part of the big picture. Meaningful OKRs require a fruitful ground where they can flourish. I visualised the process from the beginning how I start it when I coach a team.

What is “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs)?

what is okr

OKR is a goal setting framework that helps to reach a vision (of a person or an organisation) in manageable steps with measurable goals. OKRs make the rather abstract intangible vision and long term goals more tangible. Measurable goals track the process and tell if you’re on the right track.